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Labour relations services

Lead your team with the right employee relations partner

"I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies”

– Lawrance Bossidy

The idea behind the labour relations services is to relieve the business owner of the stress of being the coach and referee in the business. Labour Relations is the hub for people management. An experienced advisor will be appointed for your business to recruit qualified and vetted employees and handle disciplinary processes and terminations when needed. The advisor is also responsible for conducting an overall analysis that looks at the company’s compliance status as well as implementing talent optimisation strategies. 

Our comprehensive Labour Relations department provides the following solutions, JobCONNECT, POPI Act Compliance, Performance Management and Retrenchments, DRC Representation and Collective bargaining, and Strike Management.

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Our Services:


PetroCONNECT has developed a pool of trained and pre-vetted candidates ready to form part of any service station. This service eliminates weeks of training and ensures that when recruiting the necessary credit and criminal checks are done. It ensures the stability of the workforce, and it gives the retailer peace of mind. We offer an all-encompassing solution that solves the challenge of finding new talent, and upskilling new talent, together with the support of other training initiatives and skills development initiatives for the benefit of the employee and retailer.

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  • Discipline Management 
PetroCONNECT will ensure that the correct processes are followed when dealing with issues of ill discipline. Each disciplinary hearing is conducted by an independent and impartial chairperson, this is to ensure procedural and substantive fairness. 
  • Poor Work Performance and Incapacity Investigations

Through this offering, PetroCONNECT can provide performance counselling sessions for employees who are not performing at the desired level. We facilitate incapacity investigations for employees who are unable to perform their duties due to ill health.

  • Human Resource Draft and Pack

Your business will be given access to a Human Resources pack which comprises of company policies, job descriptions and contracts, tailor-made to fit your site needs.

  • Collective Bargaining, Dispute Resolution & Strike Management

PetroCONNECT will ensure that all agreements such as recognition agreements and collective agreements are consistent with relevant legislation. It is our duty to ensure that your BP Kew's interests are protected through collective bargaining.

  • Transfers

We understand that business ownership strategies are ever-changing. However, it is in the interest of all parties involved to ensure that employee commitment and attitude is not deterred when a business changes ownership.

  • Litigation

We provide representation at the Bargaining Council (DRC) and the CCMA. We will assist your business by preparing heads of argument, compile evidence bundles, prepare witnesses, and arbitration statements. Representation is on provision that the client has signed up with an affiliated Employers Organisation.

  • Retrenchments & Restructuring 

With change being inevitable we assist employers with handling the administration of retrenchments when needed. We assist with facilitating retrenchments (S189 / S189A).  

  • POPI Act compliance

Fuel Retailers deal with pertinent and private client information regulated by POPIA. Misuse of such information could pose a serious threat to the entire business as the Employer can be liable for a fine of up to R10 Million or face criminal prosecution. We ensure that employers are equipped with all the required systems and processes to comply with POPIA.