Our brand story and purpose

Fuel. Hub. Propel.

Passionately improving people's lives through innovation and connection.

The stability of the industry is not only critical to its stakeholders but also to the entire country. In order to remain sustainable, the industry has to address various challenges in sustainability, ownership and transformation. Having been through these challenges ourselves and having developed a very clear understanding of the pressures that face those working in the energy industry, PetroCONNECT was founded with the vision of playing a proactive role in helping all players in the industry to join forces and become empowered, so that collectively we may be part of the industry-wide solutions that are required of us all at this time. PetroCONNECT was established to address these significant goals and to lead the industry into a prosperous future.

Changing perceptions.
Creating connections.

Addressing Sustainability, Ownership and Transformation.

Have you ever hoped for a really practical intervention that could help solve and streamline the challenges we’re all facing in the industry at the moment? ​ We’re planning on being that solution.

Change perceptions, demystify legislation and bring people together. There's a solution for any challenge we face.
Educate and inform all stakeholders in the industry. Help everyone make an informed decision.
Connect our community with the rights tools, systems, processes, knowledge and people they need to keep moving forward.

Our holistic business solutions

We make it easy to connect with the right people

Through a focus on training and development, we empower bright entrepreneurs with the right skills they need to own and run service stations, so they can be connected to opportunities in the Dealer network. For those who've been in the game for many years seeking a new ownership or transformation strategy to take their businesses forward, we connect you with the right people to ensure your business continues to grow and move forward.