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Strategic Partnerships

Transformation is an opportunity, not a threat.
Regulatory transformation reform is one of the biggest challenges that businesses are currently facing and to navigate these challenges, one needs to not only be receptive but more adaptive to change. This change presents exciting opportunities for collaborations and inclusive economic growth.
Types of Strategic Partnerships
Operations Involved Partners:
Unequal Investment
51 Black / 49 White
50/50 Black Partnership
Investor-Only Partners:
A disproportionate investment where one investor is not operational.
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How it works
Both of you will complete the Value Orientations assessment, which takes about 30 minutes to complete and you will receive a briefing beforehand. The Value Orientations (VO) assessment measures your acceptance and rejection of particular value systems or worldviews. Understanding your value orientation(s) and an awareness of the worldviews of other people can facilitate better communication and be useful in resolving conflict. You will each have a confidential 1-hour feedback session with an Industrial Psychologist to understand, clarify and contextualise the assessment so you can see how the results show up for you. A 90-minute facilitation session will be scheduled between the both of you where the Industrial Psychologist will summarise your results and discuss points of similarity, points of difference and points of curiosity. You will walk away with objective information grounded in the science of psychology to inform decisions and discussions regarding a partnership relationship.

Our solutions include:

  • Credit and background screening of partner(s). Assess any partner (s) risk through
    criminal and civil checks.
  • Value-Orientation Compatibility Assessment of partner(s) У work with an Industrial
    Psychologists to gain a deeper understanding of your worldview and belief system,
    as well as guidance on whether you and your partner will be a good match in
  • Advice and set up/amendment of entity structure У entering into negotiations with
    your preferred partner (S) and managing the implementation of your transaction to
  • All CIPC Company Amendments/Creation.
  • Shareholders/Partnership Agreement Compilation. Identify proposed business
    structures and arrive at an optimal ownership solution.
  • MOI Alignment for the entity.
  •  Sale agreement Compilation/Vetting - drafting and evaluating documents
    thoroughly in compliance with the law Data Capturing.
  • Structuring deals that are beneficial to all parties and ensuring the finance process is as seamless as possible through our finance partner, Nedbank.
  • Buyers include vetted and trained candidates from PetroCONNECT Academy. Click here.