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Partnership Strategies

Transformation is an opportunity, not a threat.
South Africa is entering a new phase in transforming the ownership of companies. To navigate these challenges, one needs to not only be receptive but more adaptive to inclusivity.
This shift requires an open path to inclusive economic growth and development. Partnering with an investor who is the right fit for the strategic future of your business can be challenging and time-consuming but we’re here to assist you. We have a wealth of experience in connecting the right transformation partner with the right businesses.

Choosing a business partner is a stressful decision, and an expensive one if you choose wrongly. You want to partner with someone that cares about the same things you do, but that can be difficult to determine. Our Alumni database of investors means that we have a strong pool of candidates who are willing to step up to the challenges and opportunities your business faces. As a business owner, take confidence in the fact that you will be supported throughout the journey from start to finish including the structure planning that is necessary to ensure your transformation impact is as successful as it can be.

At PetroCONNECT, we can help you find the right business partner through our comprehensive offerings. We can provide validated candidates or help you and your partner determine if you will be a good fit.
Partnership Strategies Include
• Credit and background screening of partner(s). Assess any partner (s) risk through criminal and civil checks

• Value-Orientation Compatibility Assessment of partner(s) – work with an Industrial Psychologist to gain a deeper understanding of your worldview and belief system, as well as guidance on whether you and your partner will be a good match in business.

• Advice and set up/amendment of entity structure – entering into negotiations with your preferred partner (S) and managing the implementation of your transaction to closing.

• All CIPC Company Amendments/Creation.
• Shareholders/Partnership Agreement Compilation. Identify proposed business structures and arrive at an optimal ownership solution

• MOI Alignment for the entity.

• Sale agreement Compilation/Vetting - drafting and evaluating documents thoroughly in compliance with the law

• Back Office Tool offering for a minimum of 36 months with daily reporting with monthly feedback and alignment session.

• Operational Excellence mentorship programme.
A dotted illustration depicting a fuel refinery, fuel truck, service station we make it easy to connect with the right people
Types of Strategic Partnerships
We understand that every business has unique strategic needs when it comes to transformation partnerships, which is why there are two main investor streams you could choose from. You could either choose to have an operationally involved partner who is involved in the day-to-day activities of the business or to have an investor-only partner who is not involved in the day-to-day activities of the business.
Transformation reform can be a massive challenge for an organisation. Allow us to connect the dots and ensure your business is set up to thrive with the right transformation partner.


As a thought leader in the Fuel Retail industry, we offer a balanced perspective on Transformation. We have exceptional consultants on our team who have experience in working on transformation solutions in the energy sector, and who can guide dealers in developing their future business strategy.

Our solutions include:

  • Connecting dealers with the right equity investors or strategies.
  • Buyers include vetted and trained candidates from PetroCONNECT Academy. Click here.
  • Evaluation of your existing business and current compliance status.
  • Offering a clear, realistic and implementable strategy for a win-win business solution.
  • A balanced perspective focused on sustainability.
  • Structuring deals that are beneficial to all parties and ensuring the finance process is as seamless as possible through our finance parnter, Nedbank.