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Ownership Strategies

Transformation is an opportunity, not a threat.

Regulatory transformation reform is one of the biggest challenges that the Fuel Retail Industry is currently facing. To navigate these challenges, one needs to not only be receptive but more adaptive to inclusivity. The South African Fuel Retail Industry is undergoing significant changes over the next couple of years, which present exciting opportunities for collaborations and inclusive economic growth.

Our deep understanding of the service station environment has given us the edge in assisting both existing dealers in the network and aspirant buyers, in implementing transformation strategies in ways that enhance business growth and scalability.

Through balanced perspectives and insights, we help demystify misperceptions around transformation for the betterment of all prospective partners.

A dotted illustration depicting a fuel refinery, fuel truck, service station we make it easy to connect with the right people


As a thought leader in the Fuel Retail industry, we offer a balanced perspective on Transformation. We have exceptional consultants on our team who have experience in working on transformation solutions in the energy sector, and who can guide dealers in developing their future business strategy.

Our solutions include:

  • Connecting dealers with the right equity investors or strategies.
  • Buyers include vetted and trained candidates from PetroCONNECT Academy. Click here.
  • Evaluation of your existing business and current compliance status.
  • Offering a clear, realistic and implementable strategy for a win-win business solution.
  • A balanced perspective focused on sustainability.
  • Structuring deals that are beneficial to all parties and ensuring the finance process is as seamless as possible through our finance parnter, Nedbank.