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Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a result of the understanding that behind the best technological systems are human beings. The two need to complement each other for quantifiable change in your business. Operational Excellence is relevant for both new entrants and established business owners. PetroCONNECT will appoint operational excellence personnel that will ensure that all day-to-day operational efficiencies are solid and are aligned with the site’s growth strategy.

Many of the new dealers coming into the Fuel Retail industry have very little experience in business management and more specifically that surrounding the Fuel Retail operations.

The purpose of Operational Excellence is to offer the guidance that they need to run a successful site and ensure that the new entrant's sustainability and growth is to the satisfaction of major stakeholders being the oil company and the financing bank.

For existing and experienced Dealers, the Operational Excellence programmes assists with a different view of the business and identify certain gaps or improvement areas or just do an assessment of ways to save or ways to grow the business.

Operational Excellence Objectives

  • Transfer business skills and knowledge to the new Dealer.
  • Help the new Dealer to be sustainable and achieve growth year on year.
  • Assist the new Dealer to achieve their business objectives.
  • Ensure sound financial controls and accountability.
  • Assist the Dealer to manage cash flows for the business.
  • Business development through the day-to-day operational efficiencies of the business. This is mainly for Dealers that are already operating their businesses and may have identified certain gaps in their operations.

The Operational Excellence Service Entails:

  • Identifying areas of challenges for the dealer and the business and addressing those through bespoke mentoring programme to respond to those challenges.
  • Business turn-around strategy to maximise operational efficiencies and profitability.
  • Ensuring monthly management accounts are scrutinized on monthly basis, comparing business performance against similar business and encourage accountability.

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