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Insurance & Risk Management Solutions

Get a risk management and insurance solution for your service station

"With great risk comes great reward." This famous quote by Thomas Jefferson is no more evident than in the ownership of a site or service station.

Risk management and insurance solutions are key to running a sustainable, 24/7 retail operation in the energy industry. Dealers are regularly exposed to a myriad of business risks ranging from theft and security challenges, environmental challenges, unexpected closures or revamps of sites, card fraud, protest action, drive-offs and public liability to name a few.

More than just business insurance, our risk management experts help you to anticipate and pro-actively plan for potential challenges and risks so you are not caught off-guard.

PetroCONNECT offers the following Insurance & Risk Management solutions:

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Risk management planning and consultation for service station owners and dealers

The PetroCONNECT team has years of collective experience in both ownership and risk management of service stations across multiple brands, and we know first-hand what the risks are. We assist dealers by identifying the different types of risks associated with your specific site and assisting in a pro-active approach to managing these risks, so you and your staff are prepared. Finally, we give you the tools to mitigate risk with examples including insurance policies, advice from labour practitioners and the movement of cash.

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Individually crafted insurance policies for service station owners and dealers

We assist dealers and site owners with an in-depth understanding of the different requirements of various oil companies and insurers. Furthermore, there are different requirements for service stations that are company (CORO) or dealer owned (RORO) which requires careful consideration. As opposed to taking insurance on a case-by-case or reactive basis when something does go wrong, we design a holistic and bespoke solution which addresses the unique needs of your business.

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Cover in death whilst in service for staff

Built as an add-on to the service station's insurance policy, the family of staff are supported by the provision of up to R10 000 to contribute towards funeral arrangements in the event of the death or loss of a staff member. This benefit has 24-hour cover, not limited to events that occur on site or at the business.

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Cover for contamination, pollution, defective workmanship and public liability

A significant concern for dealers is the potential of water making its way into the site's underground tanks, which can contaminate the fuel. Furthermore, the dealer is potentially liable if a leak in the system causes pollution (such as a nearby river) triggering the need for an environmental survey. Finally, through human error, a more frequent occurrence is when forecourt staff dispense the incorrect fuel into a vehicle – such as diesel being dispensed into a petrol engine car. This can cost a significant amount of money when the customer's vehicle has to be taken back to the dealership.