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Mentorship & Operational Excellence Programme

Mentorship and Operational excellence are a result of the understanding that behind the best technological systems are human beings. The two need to complement each other for quantifiable change in your business. Operational Excellence is relevant for both new entrants and established businesses. PetroCONNECT will appoint operational excellence personnel that will ensure that all day-to-day operational efficiencies are solid and are aligned with the new company growth strategy.   

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Mentorship is a structured programme designed to give intense support to a new Dealer, the mentor aims to guide the dealer with insights of business management, especially of the fuel retail industry. This programme is suited for new sites operated by inexperienced Dealers. Mentorship can be broken down into different phases based on the needs of the new Dealer. This will then be followed by the operational excellence programme.   

For existing and experienced Dealers, the Operational Excellence programmes assists with a different view of the businesses and identify certain gaps or improvement areas or just do an assessment of ways to save or ways to grow the business. 

The introduction of Operational Excellence will see certain efficiencies and support where needed being put in place. It will also ensure that the new systems put in place are meaningful and have a lasting impact on business growth. The Operational Excellence services have proven beneficial to both new entrants and existing Dealers. In essence, your business will have an implementing partner, the Operational Excellence personnel, who will ensure that they guide you on all day-to-day operational efficiencies and making these solid and aligned with the company growth strategy.  

Our innovative online BUZZ Application ensures that each Operational Excellence Advisor can easily look after 12 or more mentees with daily, weekly and monthly engagements through this platform. Although our online system provides enough support to our mentees, Operational Excellence Advisors are however still required to physically visit mentees at their respective sites at agreed time frequencies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our mentors are able to make full use of our innovative online platforms, still achieving just about the same results. 

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Mentorship Objectives

  • Transfer business skills and knowledge from the mentors to mentees.
  • Help new dealer to be sustainable and grow.
  • Assist new dealer to achieve their business objectives.
  • Ensure sound financial controls and accountability.
  • Assist manage cash flows for the business.
  • Business development through the day-to-day operational efficiencies of the business. This is mainly for dealers that are already operating their businesses who may have identified certain gaps in their operations.

The Mentorship Programme Entails:

  • Identifying areas of challenges for the dealer and the business and addressing those through bespoke mentoring programme to respond to those challenges.
  • Business turn-around strategy to maximise operational efficiencies and profitability.
  • Ensuring monthly management accounts are scrutinized on monthly basis, comparing business performance against similar business and encourage accountability.

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